3 Cutting Edge Features For Your Next Car

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3 Cutting Edge Features For Your Next Car

3 Cutting Edge Features For Your Next Car

29 January 2019
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If you are looking to invest in a new car, you are going to want to invest in a high-quality car. Here are some of the cutting edge features you should look for if you are interested in purchasing a brand-new Honda this year:

Dashboard Display

Forget about a display that is actually on your dashboard -- how about a display that is actually on your windshield? Look for a vehicle with a heads-up display, where the information that you need to see is projected right at your eye level. Instead of looking down to see your speed, look at your GPS for direction, or answer a call, you can look at your line of sight. This is technology that was once displayed in movies about the future; with the right investment, the future can be in your car.

In-Depth Auto Information

You don't just want some random check engine light to come on; you want your vehicle to be smart enough to actually tell you what is wrong with it. What sensors need to be changed? What is not working right? How is energy flowing between your engine and your motor?

Look for a vehicle that will go beyond the check engine light, and will actually provide you with information about what is happening behind the scenes with your vehicle. Knowing what is happening with your car should not be a guessing game; it should be something that you know with certainty.

Built-In Navigation

Forget using your phone for directions, or hooking up an external GPS. You should be able to use your car to connect with satellites to get navigation in your vehicle. You shouldn't have to pay a crazy amount of money to get directions in your car; you should be able to connect to GPS without a separate GPS unit. Your map should provide you with 3-D rendering, and provide you with lane guidance and the ability to search and find destinations as you drive. You need a navigation system that fits with your actual navigation needs.

Rear-View Cameras

There is no reason for you to bump into anything when you back up with rear-view cameras. When looking at new Hondas, look at a vehicle that offers you multi-angle rearview cameras so you have a good idea of what is happening behind you.

When investing in a new car, look for features that make your life easier, like a multi-angle rearview camera and an advanced built-in navigation system, and look for features that show you that the future is now, like a heads-up display.

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