What Makes An Audi A3 Sedan A Good Buy?

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What Makes An Audi A3 Sedan A Good Buy?

What Makes An Audi A3 Sedan A Good Buy?

15 February 2017
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It is hard to make an argument for any make and model of car unless you have owned one before. However, there are some records and awards that may make you want to take a look at Audi A3 sedans for sale. If you are considering this make and model of vehicle, here are some stats on what makes this car a good buy.

They Are Very Sporty

People who really like sporty cars tend to like this particular company's cars. Why is that? Well, it has a lot to do with the body designs, but it also has to do with the fact that this manufacturer is responsible for turning out a lot of race cars. Consumers like the idea of being able to say that they drive a "race car" for fun, and that is part of their charm. It should be noted that these cars, while looking like luxury cars, handle much better than most of the luxury cars you can buy, making them well worth the price.

They Are Very Affordable

Despite their sporty/luxury exterior/interior designs, these cars are very affordable. For example, the Audi A3 (2009 edition, base model) costs less than $20,000 as a used car (according to a U.S. News Best Cars Report). Since that is about the going rate for anyone in the market for a good car, consumers can purchase something with a whole lot of flash for the budget-conscious price.

Even the SUVs Get Top Ratings

SUVs are hit or miss in the world of cars. Either people love their design but hate everything else about them, or love how they drive but hate how they look. With this particular manufacturer, even the SUVs get high ratings on both appearance/design and safety/handling scores. Add in the affordable pricing, and you can take your kid's entire soccer team to the park in style.

Very Safe 

Compare and contrast just about any of the makes and models in this company's line-up, and you will see that they are designed for safety. Makes sense, considering that the company creates race cars along with passenger cars, right? In almost every vehicle the company makes, the only feature that does NOT come standard are rear side air bags, although those are available if you want an upgrade. The safety ratings given by many car and driver organizations also show that these cars are among some of the safest to drive, and thus, a very good investment.

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