How To Ensure A Good Deal On A Used Car Purchase

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How To Ensure A Good Deal On A Used Car Purchase

How To Ensure A Good Deal On A Used Car Purchase

30 November 2016
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Getting a good deal on a used car can be tricky, since there is such a wide variety of car histories and buying options. Here are some ways that you can get a good deal on a used car purchase, assuming that "a good deal" means a well-maintained car at a fair price.

Buy from a Dealership

As far as ensuring that your used car purchase is in good condition, dealers are often the way to go. With a private seller, you may get an initially better price, but you have no way of ensuring that your car is going to run well and that all of the parts will hold up. Dealers often offer a 90-day warranty, and you'll know exactly where to find your salesperson in case there is an issue with your used car. Since dealerships run on reviews, they are often willing to work with you in case you are not happy with the condition of your car. Finding a dealership that focuses on one brand is best, since they will understand these vehicles well.  

Get a Report or Two

It also helps to get car reports to make sure that your car is running well and that there are no glaring issues in its history. The first thing to consider is a VIN history report. It will show you the previous owners of the car, and you can make sure that it was never stolen and that the title is in good standing. Another car report to consider would be one that shows the maintenance history of the vehicle; each time the vehicle was brought in for service, the records should have been linked to the car's VIN. Some car dealerships provide these reports for prospective buyers.

Use Value Estimate Tools

Before you agree on the price for your vehicle, make sure that you know what the suggested price is by trusted value estimators. There are several popular and free tools online that help you evaluate a car's fair market price based on a few conditions. These could include the mechanical condition of physical appearance of the car, the choice of a car dealer or private seller, and your zip code. If the asking price of the car is beyond what's listed as a fair market price, your dealer might be willing to reduce the price.

Visit a Mechanic

Finally, no car purchase would be complete without a visit to an auto shop. With a basic inspection, you can help to guarantee none of the major systems of the car are on their last legs.

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