Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Compact Pickup Truck

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Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Compact Pickup Truck

Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Compact Pickup Truck

11 January 2022
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If you need the functionality of a truck but don't want something big and difficult to handle or park, you may want to look at Ford's compact pickup trucks. They currently offer a range of vehicles better suited for those who don't want a large truck. Smaller pickup trucks have several unique advantages and still retain some of a bigger truck's utility. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of a small compact pickup truck.

Smaller Wheel Base

Compact pickup trucks usually have a shorter wheelbase. A shorter wheelbase means more maneuverability and easier handling than a larger vehicle. These small trucks are great for paved road driving and often handle like a car. However, you will need to upgrade or purchase options if you want all-wheel drive for off-road driving.

Better Gas Mileage

Many of the newer compact trucks are hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles. Having a hybrid engine doesn't necessarily mean you have less power. Many smaller trucks have good power and enough torque to handle most basic towing and road issues. Even if you get a small pickup truck with a full gasoline-powered engine, you will likely get better gas mileage with a lighter truck.

Easier Parking

Smaller vehicles tend to have a much easier time parking than larger vehicles. If you live in an area where parking is difficult, you will have more options because you won't need a large space. In addition, many newer models also have optional parking assist. This system helps you steer and maneuver into tight spaces.

Excellent Utility

Of course, the reason you may want a pickup truck is to haul or tow things. Many models have much of the same utility as a full-size truck. You will have an open bed to haul tall items like furniture and appliances. Plus, you can usually get a tow package to pull a light trailer. You should be able to tow small boats and ATV vehicles with a small truck, as well. However, if you want to carry larger items and do heavier towing, you may require a bigger truck.

In addition to the benefits above, small trucks tend to score high on affordability for those who are new to pickup trucks. You get the benefits of a bigger truck but the feel and handling of a smaller vehicle.

Of course, Ford also sells larger trucks if a smaller model is not for you. Take a trip to your Ford dealership to test drive a small truck or see what other options they have for sale.

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