Buying A New Semi-Trailer For Your Business

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Buying A New Semi-Trailer For Your Business

Buying A New Semi-Trailer For Your Business

30 April 2021
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If you own a trucking company, you may want to buy new trailers for your business. Most manufacturers have factory semi-trailer dealerships around the country that have a variety of trailers available for your to choose from. Some dealers carry several different brands of trailers, opening up even more trailer options for you.

Choosing Trailers

Often, when you are considering trailers for your company, you may need to look at what type of cargo you want to carry and the areas you will be working in. If you need a trailer that is closed like a van, you can find several brands on the market, and the semi-trailer dealer may have vans in different lengths for you to choose from and in several different brands if they work with multiple manufactures. 

The semi-trailer dealer may carry vans, refrigerated trailers, flat deck trailers, and even some specialty trailers designed to carry oversize loads if that is what you are looking for. Talk to the dealer about your needs when you arrive, and they can show you want they have in stock and let you know what other trailers they can get for you. 

Trailer Limitations

It is essential that you know which semi-trailers you can use in your area. Some states limited the length or weight of the trailer that can be used in their states, so talk with the semi-trailer dealer about what you need and where you want to use it. The semi-trailer dealer may have more information about the trailer limitations in specific states and how the trailer can be altered to meet the law. 

Trailer Warranties

Purchasing your new trailer from a semi-trailer dealer often means that you can get a trailer with a factory warranty, so ask the dealer what is available and what the warranty may cover. In most cases, the warranty on a new trailer is limited to the structural part of the trailer, and the warranty may not include wearable items like tires, brakes, and even airlines. Still, the service department at the semi-trailer dealer can help you maintain your trailers to keep them on the road and working. 

Some manufacturers will offer better warranties on higher-end models or trailers made from aluminum instead of steel, but the semi-trailer dealer can go over all the options and how they benefit you when you are looking at trailers. 

Contact a local semi-trailer dealership to learn more.

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