Ways To Make Your Sleeper Compartment More Comfortable

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Ways To Make Your Sleeper Compartment More Comfortable

Ways To Make Your Sleeper Compartment More Comfortable

9 January 2017
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If you're buying a commercial truck to add to your fleet or to start an independent owner-operator, the sleeper cab is an essential comfort if you or one of your drivers plans to be on the road for multiple days. Newer sleeper cabs really are nice considering how compact they have to be, but they can become quite messy and uncomfortable if you don't take some preventative steps. When you tackle decorating and then living in the sleeper cab, keep these things in mind.

Keep It Clean

If you don't follow a cleaning schedule, your sleeper unit will quickly become overwhelmed by road dust and general messiness. Take time daily to straighten up, drop off recyclables and trash, and pick up replacement supplies. Every few days, or weekly, dust and clean the cab and sleeper compartment. A dingy dashboard can make a small compartment seem a lot less comfortable, so don't skimp on keeping the place clean.

Second Bunk Possibilities

Larger sleeper units have the option of a second bunk. If only one person is going to be traveling in the cab, that second bunk could still be of use as storage. However, take into account how low the upper bunk will be when folded out; you want to be sure that if you're on the lower bunk, you can still sit up without bashing your head on the bottom of the other bunk.

Use the Walls and Overhead Space

If you don't want to use an upper bunk for storage, you can also find wall cabinets that sit up near the ceiling. Regardless of how you arrange storage, though, be sure you use that wall and ceiling/overhead space. Blank walls are just a waste of space.

Locked Storage Space

Ensure at least some of that storage space locks. You'll need that for use as a substitute safe or filing cabinet for valuables like passports, checkbooks, and laptops. Yes, you can lock your cab door, but a locked storage compartment adds an extra layer of security for your stuff when you're away from the cab at a travel center, for example. It may also be a good idea to have a thick curtain between the driving cab and sleeper section of the cab.

Sleeper cabs can be comfortable enough to use for many years, but if you don't plan the use of the space well, you can have some cramped nights. Commercial truck dealers can help you locate accessories to help keep those cabs in great shape.  

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